Live Chat an Effective Way to Reduce Basket Abandonment


In today’s world, a large amount of people do their shopping online which, without a shop assistant there to help them, and with a much larger variety of choice to choose from – this can become overwhelming. This can then lead to people abandoning their online basket, and people doing this before ordering adds up to a loss of quite a few customers, so figuring out why this happens, and how to stop it, could make a big difference for your company and its sales, particularly as customers are then more likely to reuse your site if they have a successful experience the first time. 

With an average of around 56% of shoppers who browse online abandoning their orders, according to a study by Fresh Relevance, it seems important to figure out how to try and reduce this number. The first step to this is to figure out why they abandon their online baskets. 83% of shoppers, in a study by iAdvize, claimed that they did this as they felt there was too much choice online, and felt overwhelmed, while a further 58% of these shoppers said that there wasn’t enough information available to help them make their decision. As well as this, 52% of the consumers involved in the study said that having better advice and detailed product information would make them spend more with a retailer. 

Based on this, we can see that one of the easiest ways to stop people from abandoning their cart would be to provide them with much clearer advice and product information. Consumers, when asked for ways in which they would like for this to be provided for them, more often said that chat bots and live chats than customer service via phone calls. Chat bots and live chat, therefore, appear to be both the simplest and most consumer-friendly way in which to reduce the chance of customers abandoning their basket.

Other reasons for people abandoning their online baskets appear to be different issues with shipping and delivery, such as price and how long it will take, and preference for local shops. However, the largest reason overall for people not fulfilling their orders is the lack of information and advice – so it’s clear that this is where you should start, should it be something you’re attempting to tackle on your site. 


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Live Chat an Effective Way to Reduce Basket Abandonment

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