Free Delivery Found to Increase the Chance of Purchase From New Customers


With so many companies offering free delivery these days, and nearly half of consumers prioritising this when they buy from new retailers – you’re likely missing out on a lot of customers if it’s something you don’t offer. Implementing free delivery on your site is likely to improve your chances of new customers completing their purchase, as 40% of consumers ranked free delivery as the top factor they consider before making a purchase with a new retailer. 

In a study conducted by AlixPartners, they found that 36% of customers abandon their online shopping carts because the cost of delivery is too high, and a further 13% do so because the total price is better in a local store. Free shipping would counteract these decisions, as it would get rid of delivery costs altogether, and so would also lower the total price. The added option of free delivery means that 49% of customers who would normally abandon their carts, are now far more likely to purchase from you. As well as this, Usability Sciences found that 56% of all shoppers browsed for products, but that only 19% of them added an item to their cart. Of this 19%, only 7% completed their transaction – with the most cited reason for abandoning their order being that “the shipping costs and options were unacceptable”. Both studies back up the idea that, with free delivery being available, you’ll see a large increase in how many customers go through with purchasing from you. 

Free delivery is, therefore, an essential when it comes to increasing how many purchases your site sees. It’s likely to organically draw in new customers, as well as stop them from being put off or abandoning their orders. 

Free Delivery Found to Increase the Chance of Purchase From New Customers

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