Optimising Paid Advertising Campaigns for Mobile


One of the main questions business owners always ask us is “how do we optimise our online advertising for mobile devices?” The majority of companies that trade online are seeing their mobile visits increase exponentially while their conversion rate sits far below that of a comparable visitor on a desktop.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen tablet usage on the decline and for many eCommerce websites, mobile visitors now account for over 60% of all traffic that runs through the site. That has meant as an agency, we’ve had to adopt a “mobile-first” approach, not only to align ourselves with how Google have evolved their algorithm for SEO, but also for all types of advertising incl. traditional search, Google shopping ads, social-media advertising and remarketing.

So, what does this mean? The way we present our ads, bid in marketspaces and the consideration over landing page experience is always undertaken with the mobile user in mind, from advertising messaging through to how we structure advertisers budget so they appear prominently in the spaces that give you the best exposure, from shopping ads to dynamic remarketing which present users the products they’ve seen on your site as they browse the web.

Our key metric always circulates back to return on investment. The way we run any advertising campaign is with the view of maximising ROI, so however the data guides us that’s lays the foundation to how we structure a business’s advertising budget – and the long-term improvement then comes from a continual cycle of test, learn, improve and test again.

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Optimising Paid Advertising Campaigns for Mobile

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