The Importance of a Good Mobile Experience


In today’s world, most people have a mobile phone. This also means that most people have quick access to the internet via their phones, and are more likely to use this method than a desktop. In order to stay relevant within this society of advancing technology, it is important that websites correspond and provide consumers with a mobile experience that is easy to use. 

With most people now owning a mobile phone with internet access, it’s vital that websites accommodate to this change in technology. Capgemini IMRG figures show that smartphones have now overtaken desktop sales, with smartphones holding 40.4% of the share of sales revenue in Q4 2018/19, while desktops held 39.7%. This is only likely to grow further as people are relying on their mobile phones for internet access more and more, and foregoing the use of desktop computers. The figures also show that it is also becoming far more common for people to use their mobiles to browse websites, not just make purchases, with 74.3% of visits to retail sites occurring on mobile devices in Q4 2018. This could mean that the increasing use of phones for browsing sites is influencing consumers’ decisions on purchases made at a later date. 

With this information in mind, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that websites should work alongside the growing influence of mobile devices within consumer society. With most people choosing to browse sites from their phones, a website that doesn’t offer a good mobile experience is likely to lose users. Meanwhile, a website that provides their consumers with a comfortable and well-designed mobile version of the site will be the obvious choice for the majority of users, as they are being accommodated for. Choosing not to adapt the way our websites work on all platforms would be a downfall, as it may lead to a significant loss in the way people view our sites, as well as a loss in the amount of people who choose to use them. 

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The Importance of a Good Mobile Experience

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