Creating the outdoors indoors!


The new phase of Cherry Lane brochures which Affinity design and produce twice a year now include a much bigger emphasis on lifestyle imagery and quality photography throughout. This gives the customer a much richer presentation of the product range they are looking at and an aspirational feeling of what they can achieve in their own home and garden. 

This was the fourth photo shoot we have produced and planned for Cherry Lane Garden Centres. The process has now become a well oiled machine and this session was improved even further by having our lead designer embedded at the shoot for 2 weeks, working with Affinity’s Art Director to oversee all the photos and then being able to work on the design and layout of the brochure as each shot was taken and signed off. 

The Cherry Lane marketing team were on set with us every day to help merchandise each shot and make sure all the correct products were being displayed and featured. Each shot had been meticulously planned for many weeks in advance by Affinity who worked with Cherry Lane’s respective in-house marketing team and product buyers from each department. 

The photo shoot took place at one of the largest indoor studios in Norwich due to full scale sets that were built to create the outdoor indoors! 

Watch this space for the finished article soon! 

Creating the outdoors indoors!

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