6 benefits of business blogging


Go onto almost any business website and you will find a blog. From well-known retail brands to small B2B companies, blogging has become a regular feature on business websites. The reason why so many businesses invest resources in creating and updating blogs is because they are proven to help the success of digital marketing campaigns.

If your business has yet to fully embrace blogging, here are just some of the benefits it will have on your digital marketing campaigns.

Raise brand awareness
A business blog that is regularly updated with high quality and original posts will help to raise brand awareness to potential customers. Raising your brand awareness will help your overall business success as research shows that consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that they are familiar with over ones that are unknown to them. To ensure that your business blog is successful in raising brand awareness it is vital that posts are promoted in the right way and in the right places.

Part of the buying process
Blogs now sit firmly within the buying process. Many customers will research products and services prior to making a decision to buy and most will do this through online research. You can use your blog to capture potential customers at this early stage of the buying process, which will eventually help to increase your website’s conversion rates.

Increase trust in your brand  
The higher the amount of trust a potential customer has in your brand the more likely they will choose your business over a competitor. Building trust in your brand has become harder as the majority of transactions happen online without any contact between you and the customer. Blog posts are a way for businesses to communicate with potential customers without the face-to-face contact and are the ideal way of building relationships and trust with consumers.

Engage target audiences
Engaging with your customers is becoming more and more important. The younger the customer is the more they want a brand to engage with them instead of simply selling to them, and this trend is only set to continue. Blog posts that are relevant and appeal to the business’ target audience are a key way of engaging and building long-term relationships with customers.

Helps SEO
Although no business should set up a blog for the sole purpose of SEO, but done correctly and a blog will help improve your website’s Google rankings. When ranking websites Google looks for ones that are regularly updated with high quality, relevant and original content and will favour these while penalising websites with poor quality, and duplicate content that is stuffed full of keywords.

Drives traffic to websites
An onsite blog is a great way of driving relevant traffic to your website. In order to attract potential customers via the blog it is vital that you choose relevant subjects for your posts and ensure that each post is well promoted. The higher the volume of relevant traffic to your website the more likely you are to increase the revenue generated through your site.

While there are many benefits to business blogging, for companies to achieve results from their blog it is vital to ensure that each post written is relevant, original and engaging.


Written by Derin Clark, Content Strategist 

6 benefits of business blogging

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