‘Once you’re gone you can’t come back’


A line now emphasized in live concerts by Neil Young after Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain infamous quoted his lyric "it's better to burn out than to fade away," in his 1994 suicide note.

Putting the dramatic intro to one side for one minute we should probably announce that we’re actually talking about web trends in today’s blog.

You may be asking yourself, what do musicians have to do with digital trends?

David Bowie. Prince. 2016 has already suffered some iconic creative loses that have us pondering this very same question. Music, as many other creative fields like fashion and design, have always been an opportunity for trends, new ideas, innovation, expression, communication, invention and most importantly re-invention.

The success of the iconic artists above was not only due to their outstanding emphasis on originality and progressive reinvention but also a considered balance between forefront ideas and well-timed relevance. 

Creativity survives on mixing and matching ideas to convey emotions and propose solutions. What’s trending in one creative field, eventually finds it’s way into another and vice versa.

Design, like music, has always had a relentless drive to evolve. Web trends are brought about by 3 factors we know as:

1. The Audience  

2. The Technology  

3. Other influential creative fields (The Bowie effect.)

From parallax scrolling to micro-interactions, the biggest risk with mass adoption of web trends are that it’s challenging to be seen as original when applying them. Sites following trend patterns may at some point run the risk of feeling similar, regardless of their brand differences. 

Brands who got in early on simply applying a ‘current trend’ are often left feeling static as the trend continues to expand in the digital environment around them. 
Donning a Raspberry Beret doesn’t mean people will believe you’re the artist formally known as Prince.  

Knowing which trends to start, adopt and when to apply them in order to engage a target market is a critical component to fully consider prior to implementation. We feel it’s the difference between the famous ‘burn or fade.’

Here at Affinity we thrive on new ideas and better solutions. We understand that our clients have ideas and our ability to combine both analytical and creative innovation teams means we can help you better understand your users to ensure together we deliver trends in a relevant and targeted format. 

So whether you’re looking to innovate an existing audience or connect with a new one, come talk trends with our team.

Together we can be heroes… for more than just for one day. 

(Ziggy Stardust face paint optional)

‘Once you’re gone you can’t come back’

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