affinity AMP for accelerated mobile viewing


The recent launch of Google’s support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) HTML, which makes web pages load at superfast speeds on mobile devices – or even instantly is now being rolled out by affinity for appropriate pages on client’s websites.

AMP is the result of an open-source project intended to improve the mobile web experience, working to reduce the frustration element for users browsing websites on their phones and tablets who have to wait longer for sites to load.

Google’s AMP works by taking you to a ‘lite’ version of the site which is accelerated by Google’s own caches, stripping out any peripheral and background content to deliver the useful content you want to see, faster.

Google is now marking these AMP-enabled websites in its search results with a green lightning bolt icon, making it clear that they’ll load in superfast time or instantly.

The AMP Project sets out to deliver a faster, slicker, and more responsive experience of the mobile web; an open-source publishing framework created to improve user experience for anyone using their internet on their mobile devices.

Contact your affinity Account Handler to see this in action and for more details.


affinity AMP for accelerated mobile viewing

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