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Social Media

Choosing the right channel need not be challenging!

When embarking on an online marketing strategy, businesses will often spend time considering which Social Media channel they should primarily be focusing their attention on. This may not be obvious, however, that doesn’t mean it should be too complicated to figure out. The considerations for this should be based on a few different factors;

  1. Where is your audience likely to be? – Look at your customer demographic profile
  2. Does the social demographic, average age and overall feel of the Social Media channel fit well with your brand’s image?
  3. What are your goals, what are you looking to achieve from using a Social Media channel? i.e. increase sales, to reach new markets, build reputation, increase online brand exposure etc
  4. What will each of the specific Social Media sites allow you to do? For example post photos, videos, links etc
  5. Can you serve ‘said Social Media network’ with sufficient compelling and useful content?
  6. What are your competitors doing, how are their audience connecting?

Decisions, decisions…

The Social Media channels out there are by no means limited to simply the ‘mainstream’, which for some may only be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (including YouTube), LinkedIn and Pinterest. Brian Sollis & JESS3 released The Conversation Prism 4.0 earlier in 2013 which shows just how many ‘Social Media Channels’ there are to choose from, and there are a many!!!

The Conversion Prism

Why should I as a business bother with social media?

Some businesses, predominantly B2B, still see little value in using Social Media. Many may still see it as a place for people to vent their frustrations, which in some instances they are right to assume. However, Social Media is not only a powerful client relationship management tool, brand reputation builder and sales tool. Social media offers huge benefits when it comes to understanding your customers/audience more and further develop products and ranges, as well as test ideas out.

Let’s get visual!

As we know by now, Social Media offers us an opportunity to be creative and interesting. However, when we are doing things online we tend to be less patient than when doing them offline, certainly searching for information. So when sharing information, text heavy posts are not always as successful as more visual, image rich ones. Infographics lead the way when it comes to distributing information, facts and statistics to your audience, and they would be much more likely to share it than if purely text based. We love infographics, so here are some interesting Social Media statistics for 2013.

Social Media
Via Social Media we can educate, stimulate and further articulate our message to an audience who are ready to listen, engage and hopefully share it to an even wider network!

Social media for business

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