Social media marketing or manipulation


The award winning current affairs documentary makers; Dispatches recently highlighted what many honest marketing professionals had already potentially suspected – Social Media can and is being manipulated to improve a brand’s reputation and popularity!

What is going on?
Building a fan base and online community via social media takes time and therefore investment. So to cut corners, some brands and some marketing agencies are cheating the system and purchasing ‘fake fans’.

Why are they doing it?
Being popular can create confidence in the ‘end-user’ and be a contributing factor to them acting on it i.e. purchasing, signing-up to a service etc. 

Does it work?
Aside from the fact it’s unethical and in the case of Facebook, for instance, a direct violation of terms and conditions. All a brand is doing is increasing the numbers of likes, followers, views etc, which ‘may possibly’ encourage someone else to respond, however, to what measurable benefit to their bottom line? 

Surely it’s better to have 1,000 likes who engage with your brand, than 10,000 who do nothing? 
Instead of having fans for the sake of it that ‘DO’ nothing, you need to think about using social Media to create a buzz, encourage shares and endorsements, promote products or services and ultimately grow your business online.

What are some of the key elements to Social Media success?

Social Media Marketing or Manipulation?

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Social media marketing or manipulation

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